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Searching and Commenting

I searched Juan Ordoñez’s blog:

This activity was the one I got my eye on:


"I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it."
Jonathan Winters

"Music can change the world because it can change people."

I like the quote of Winters because I think that you don't have to wait for something to happen, you must do everything you have to do to make that happen, to gell all what you want. And the quote about Bono is really good because is you write a song and lyrics about what you think of something that you think that everybody else don't see you can make them see it or understand it just by hearing the music.

My personal opinion and the main ideas in the paragraph:

I find those quotes to be quite inspiring. In this specific paragraph there are two main ideas contained, the first one is that you must move and go get what you want so that you can ultimately obtain it, the first step into completing anything is to say I’m going to get it, have it or do it, and the rest, given that you have a will and a way, will come by itself. The second main idea is how music can change the world, this is true and it can be seen in the inspiring videowe are the worldwhere you can see how artist gathered, similar to how they did before, to record a song to help the Haiti survivors, making the world a more humble place.

My Opinion About English Eight

English level eight was a fun and tough experience. I learned a lot about redaction, and I expanded my vocabulary to a new level. This will be useful once I hit the work environment.
Certainly searching for the web sites and trying to complete the activities was a hard task form time to time, but ultimately I obtained a satisfying sensation of success and learning.
I learned English since young; and using it to publish, investigating, reading and more importantly redacting was a new way to look and apply it. This experience was worth it and I recommend everyone to constantly try to improve their redaction for it is an essential skill in life.

Final Essay

Light at the end of the tunnel in Venezuela.

Things are looking grim in Venezuela. Our country is going through some rough times where basically everything has something to do with politics. People are starting to forget what is important and what isn’t, its nerve wrecking to see how much, people are willing to sacrifice for politics. And with politics alone, a country cannot prosper.

This article shows just how bad the situation is turning out to be. The head line says “BCV will be able to multiply money to cover government’s expenses”. After reading the article I realized just how terrible and how unethical this measure will be. The fact that the government takes measures like this; shows just how irresponsible the people ruling this country are.

“But why is a bad measure?” the main reason is inflation. The consequence for injecting these funds will be an increase up to 30% in inflation next year. So why would anyone take a measure that would harm the country’s economy in such a bad way? The reason is aberrant, this is an election year and up to 80% of any governments popularity depends on public investment, so we are trading the Venezuelans life quality for a competitive advantage in the upcoming elections. Ethically and economically speaking, this is just wrong.

Inflation is devastating to any country’s economy. It affects pretty much every aspect of our lives, but what gets affected worse are our savings. Without savings there can be no investments which sooner or later generate work for the people. So inflation must be controlled as greatly as possible so that a country can reach it`s economical independence.

But not everything is as bad as it sounds, although things are looking very dark, there is hope. For the most important part of any country are its people. As long as we keep believing that this country can prosper and we don´t fall victims to the ideology that wants to be implanted on us, hope is all but lost. This process is just a phase, and once this phase is over Venezuela will need free minded people to bring back this country to its former glory. Are you one of them?

Link form wich I read the article:

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The story of an eye witness

Adjectives are the words that give life to any history. Providing the reader a feeling is impossible without the use of adjectives. So, in order to describe a situation that has powerful emotions related to it, such as a natural disaster, the use of adjectives is mandatory.

December 26th 2004 Indian ocean earthquake

This devastating tsunami occurred a tranquil 26th day of a regular December. In the warm air there was no sign of a massive disaster about to occur. What an awful lesson about nature people learned that day. How its massive power can’t be controlled, and in many sad times not even predicted. Not a soul was aware of the foul incident about to occur, and what a pitiful way to find out.
Size of the Indian ocean earthqueake waves

Earthship homes catch old tires on rebound

There are many solutions to save the planet. As time goes by, the world`s population keeps on growing, and as it does, the need for more resources keeps on rising. Sadly, the planet’s resources are limited and it is our job to make sure they can be reutilized as many times as possible, or even better, be able to create a perfect circle where everything that we throw away can be used once again so that we never spend all of earth’s resources. Creativity is the quality that we need the most if we want to save the planet, even the smallest action helps, and many people became very creative when it comes to recycling. Michael Reynolds, is one of them, he is the owner of Solar Survival Architecture, which initiated the idea of reusing old tires to build houses that are environmentally friendly. That idea provided a solution to used tires; many ideas such as that one can help us complete the resource circle so that earth resources will never deplete.

Group and individual tree diagram activity


Convenient: Send anything you want
Saves Time: Can save the file and watch it later
East to Stay in Touch: Can use it any time

Less Personal: Can’t see the persons face
Easy to Make a Mistake: Send private information by mistake
Need Equipment: Need Internet Service

E-Mail: "Advantages and disadvantages"
Using E-Mail communication is the new way to establish communications between people all over the world. Technology brings us everyday new advantages from e-mailing service, and the most important advantage is that people can talk to everyone, everywhere, in the world in a really fast and easy way. Unfortunately it is not all good, because it has many disadvantages too. One of them is that communication is less personal, because they can't see the person's face. Furthermore, it's easy to make mistakes sending wrong messages or writing wrong directions. Finally, another disadvantage is that it requires a fast computer and internet service to send e-mail messages. Therefore, we must find a way to adapt to the internet and its services to maximize its advantages and try to overcome its disadvantages in order to exploit it benefits.



Convenient: Internet is very accessible
Save time: You don't need to buy stamps
Easy to stay in touch: You can communicate with people all over the world


Less Personal: There is no body language
Easy to make a mistake: It's hard to use for inexperienced people
Need equipment: Requires internet access

E-mail is the new way to communicate. Since the internet became accessible in the 90's e-mail usage has been increasing drastically. People all over the world became more and more involved with each other through the internet. And communication all over the world was increased dramatically, not only for publicity and programs, but for people to catch up on other people lives, without having to wait or buy stamps. Sadly, this relatively new technology has disadvantages too, for generally there is no body language, it’s hard to use for inexperienced people, and you need internet access in order to send an E-mail. But, never forget, E-mail, thanks to the easy internet access, has come here to stay.
What a beautiful movement was made by artist all over the world. Many artists gathered to record a charity single to raise money to help the survivors of Haiti. Many artists showed up to lend their assistance: Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion, Usher, among others. The whole event was organized by Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie, who appeared in the original “we are the world” video. They even used a stock footage of Michael Jackson so that he would appear in the video, making you think he was there in spirit. This event will bring hope and resources to the people of Haiti, who right now so desperately need it. This shows how united can the human race be when times are difficult.